Our App

Our app is everything you need to record your expenses on the go as a Rideshare driver. And the best part, come BAS time our team of registered tax agents will lodge the statement on your behalf. It’s that simple.

As tax accountants, we noticed that a lot of rideshare drivers were unsure or unaware of their tax responsibilities. Or at least super stressed out about fulfilling them. And many suffered costly penalties as a result.

So we decided to put an end to that nonsense. With our app, you can fulfill your tax obligations with ease and confidence – so you can drive more and worry less.

The Rideshare Tax app is designed especially for rideshare drivers. Companies operating within this industry include Uber, GoCatch, fab and Shebah to name a few.

Our app is also ideal for taxi drivers.

We know you’re always on the road. That’s why we’ve made this super simple. All you need to do is:

  • Head to the ‘My Deductions’ section of the app
  • Select the relevant expense category
  • Enter your expense amount
  • Hit ‘save’
  • For expenses that apply to both personal and business use, simply enter the percentage used for business – then our app will calculate the deductible amount automatically. And you don’t have to worry whether or not GST applies to different types of expenses, it’s all pre-programmed for you!

Once you’ve inputted your expenses, we’ll calculate whether you owe the ATO or whether the ATO owes you (based on the GST you’ve collected and paid).

You bet. From services, registration and repairs to petrol, cleaning and insurance – we’ve got you covered!

And be sure to check out the ‘My Deductions’ section of the app to view our checklist of possible deductions. That way you’ll never forget to deduct the right expenses!

There are two ways:

You manually enter your income under the ‘My Income’ section of the app and we’ll calculate the GST. You’ll need your monthly tax reports from the rideshare company you work with. Connect via Uber and we’ll download your income directly (coming soon)

Our Prices

Your fee covers a whole lot, for a lot less:

  • Access to the Rideshare Tax app
  • Access to our expense tracker via the app
  • Quarterly BAS lodgements to the ATO (available after you’ve been a member for three months)
  • Live GST reporting that shows how much GST you owe in real-time
  • Inbuilt digital logbook so you can track your kilometres with ease
  • A list of deductible expenses that can reduce your GST and income tax liability
  • Financial reports so you can monitor your progress
  • All your income and expenses summarised in one place, ready for your income tax return

Yes. According to the ATO, Rideshare drivers are considered small business owners. And in Australia, businesses must register for an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Absolutely. We’ll get you set up – free of charge.

Your Quarterly BAS

It’s a Business Activity Statement – and all rideshare business owners are obliged to lodge one with the ATO every quarter. It ensures you fulfill your GST obligations such as reporting and payment.

After you’ve recorded your income and expenses in the Rideshare Tax app, our qualified accountants will prepare and lodge your BAS for you each quarter.

After your BAS is lodged, you may owe the ATO a sum of money. This occurs when you’ve collected more GST than you’ve paid.

However, if you’ve paid more than what you’ve collected, you’ll receive money back.

The BAS quarters are:

Quarter 1: 1 July to 30 September
Quarter 2: 1 October to 31 December
Quarter 3: 1 January to 31 March
Quarter 4: 1 April to 30 June

Yes! Our app includes a Live GST reporting system that tracks the GST you collect and pay in real-time. That means you’ll always know what to set aside for your BAS to help you manage your cash flow.

Yes. All income earned on your ABN must be recorded under the ‘My Income’ section of our app, and you’ll have to pay GST on the total amount.

Your Logbook

All rideshare drivers must keep an ATO compliant logbook for 12 weeks. It assesses how often you use your vehicle for business, which is then used to calculate your GST deductions.

You bet it can. Our inbuilt digital logbook takes the hassle out of recording your trips. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up your logbook in our app
  2. Record your odometer readings at the start and end of your working day
  3. If you make any personal trips, record your odometer reading at the start and end of those trips
  4. At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be notified to close your logbook

And then we do the rest. The percentage of time your vehicle is used for business will flow to your quarterly BAS and annual income tax returns. This percentage is calculated automatically under ‘Vehicles’ in the ‘My Deductions’ section.

You can make a reasonable percentage estimate of how often your vehicle is used for business. You can do this by referring to the actual kilometres travelled (found from your rideshare company’s online reports and data, car service records and other sources).

For income tax however, you’ll need a logbook if you plan on claiming more than 5,000 km worth of travel.

We also recommend keeping a logbook because it’s useful for maximising your deductions.

Backtrack BAS

Backtrack BAS is a service we offer to help you get up-to-date with your BAS if you’re falling behind. We take care of them all for you .

This service is only available to Rideshare Tax members via the Rideshare Tax app.

Simply enter all your income and expenses (for the relevant quarters) into our Backtrack BAS form – and we’ll take it from there.

When completing the form, you’ll have three options:

  1. Enter your total income and expenses for each quarter
  2. Enter your total income and expenses for each category
  3. Enter each receipt individually and our app will calculate them for you

Once you submit the form, we’ll review it and then lodge it with the ATO. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your BAS has been lodged, and all paperwork from the ATO will be mailed to you directly.

Get started by downloading the Rideshare Tax app through Google Play or the App Store. It’s time to get back on track!

Income Tax Returns

We complete your tax return for a flat fee of , which includes lodgment plus a 30-minute phone consultation. We’ll email you a checklist of things to prepare before your phone consultation.

We also have an online service, which allows you to enter your income and expenses yourself. Then we lodge your tax return on your behalf. Quick, affordable and easy!

We thought you might ask, so here are a few reasons:

Accurate: Our registered tax agents prepare and review your income tax returns with 100% accuracy.
Specialised: As rideshare industry specialists, we know all the deductions you’re entitled to for maximum savings – year on year.
Fast: You’ll get your tax back quicker than ever before.

It’d be an absolute pleasure to do your income tax returns. Get started by clicking “Tax Return” and complete the detailed online form.

Your GST Responsibilities

Yes. Rideshare services are considered taxi travel services. Under GST law, you must be registered for GST regardless of your turnover.

Yes. Regardless of whether you drive full-time or once a month, you must be registered for GST and lodge BAS statements.

If you started driving before 1 August 2015, then you need to register from 1 August 2015.

If you started driving after that date, then simply register from the date that you first received income or incurred expenses (such as registration) after becoming a driver.

If you only drive for UberEats and your turnover is less than $75,000, then no. That’s because UberEats is not considered ‘taxi services’, and you don’t need to register if your turnover is less than $75,000.

However, if you’re an UberEats driver and a Rideshare driver, then you have to register and pay GST on all income – including what you earn from UberEats.


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