Who is Rideshare Tax?

We are often asked the same questions from our users and the public. Here is a little blog about us and what makes us different…

Who is Rideshare Tax? 

Rideshare Tax is a group of Melbourne based CPA Accountants and Registered Tax Agents who love everything about Uber and rideshare. We may be based in Melbourne, however, we serve drivers all around Australia.

What makes us an expert in tax for Uber and rideshare drivers?

Well, there are a number of things.

  • We’re CPA accountants and registered tax agents. We have many years of experience and know-how to reduce your tax.
  • One of our founders who is a CPA accountant drives for Uber. He’s done this to get a real feel for what it’s like to be in the seat of a driver. When we say “we get you,” we really do.
  • We’ve pulled apart and analysed every possible deduction for you. We often find further deductions than the traditional accountant. Why? Because we specialise in rideshare and we know everything about the unique rideshare/taxi industry.
  • We understand the different methods for calculating the GST for your Didi and Ola Tax Statements. Most accountants get confused with this. They also don’t quite understand that Uber, Didi, Ola and all rideshare drivers must pay GST. Most clients tell us how stressful it had been trying to explain to this to their previous accountant.

Rideshare Tax vs the Traditional Accountant.

We’ve decided to do things a little different compared with the traditional accountant. The below is a little comparison of us v the traditional accountant:


  • You’re inconvenienced with a face-to-face appointment.
  • You have to keep your receipts in an overflowing shoebox. You’ll probably lose some along the way, therefore miss out on deductions.
  • You have to wait until Uber make available your Uber Tax Statements before you can lodge your BAS/tax.
  • You will pay $100+ per BAS.
  • You usually learn about possible deductions at your appointment and miss out because you didn’t keep a record of it.
  • You keep a manual paper logbook, with manual calculations.

Rideshare Tax

  • We save you time by lodging your BAS with one tap at your convenience.
  • We help you record your income and expenses in the app.
  • We provide you with the option to capture your receipts and save it in the app. Never lose a receipt again!
  • We download all your Uber income, tolls and fees.
  • We only charge $49 per BAS.
  • We provide a list of all the possible deductions for a rideshare driver so you get the maximum return.
  • We’ve built for you an inbuilt digital logbook. No more paper and calculators. And best of all, we also calculate the business use portion of your car expense for you.

How do we manage to keep our prices so low?

We designed the Rideshare Tax app to specifically cater to the needs of rideshare drivers.  This eliminates the need to meet face-to-face and drastically reduces the time to record your income and expenses. Our app saves a lot of time for you and also for us and that’s how we can keep our prices so low.

Who prepares your BAS?

We do, CPA Accountants and Registered Tax Agents. We definitely do not off-shore any of our work overseas. Even our receptionist is in Australia.

We check all your BAS and tax returns with a fine-tooth comb and make sure you are ATO compliant. Once you lodge your BAS with us, we export your data in Exel, check for any discrepancies. If we have any questions we will either call or email you. Then we lodge your BAS to the ATO on your behalf. Simple. That’s why we’re so affordable.

Where do I go if I have any questions?

We’ve created a Facebook Group called the Rideshare Tax – Members only. You’re welcome to join the group and ask any tax-related questions or even questions on how to use the app. We also have a search function in the group where you can search previously asked questions and see if anyone has already asked the same question.

Join here for Rideshare Tax Members Only Facebook Group

Also, feel free to check our FAQ’s to see if we have already answered your questions.


Rideshare Tax. We’re different and we’re here to make BAS and Tax simple for you.

Drive more. Worry less.


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